Hansen House Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum


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Hansen House
Daughters of Utah
Pioneers Museum
65 West 100 North
Ephraim, UT 84627

How Do You Do?...

Pioneer women on the Utah frontier in the late 1800's lived very differently than women of today. How did a woman care for her baby at a time when only handmade cloth diapers were available? How did she care for herself when bathing and hair-curling took hours? Ever wonder what the latest fashion crazes were when irons had to be placed on top of stoves to heat up? How Do You Do?...makes visitors think twice about their own modern conveniences.



"This project has given a much needed boost of interest in the museum. With the skills learned and tools provided, this museum will continue to refine and promote its place in our little community. We couldn't and wouldn't have done it without the help of the people involved in the Museum Interpretation Initiative!"

—Maurine Ramos, Hansen House DUP Museum