Tessa Fontaine - Logan

Tessa Fontaine

Tessa Fontaine

Sep 27, 2018, 7:00 pm


Tessa Fontaine

Book Title

The Electric Woman



North Region


Logan Library
255 N Main St
Logan , UT 84321-3914
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Helicon West is pleased to host Tessa Fontaine on Thursday, September 27th at 7:00 PM. Fontaine share and discuss her new memoir, The Electric Woman.

Tessa Fontaine’s astonishing memoir of pushing past fear, The Electric Woman, follows the author on a life-affirming journey of loss and self-discovery—through her time on the road with the last traveling American sideshow and her relationship with an adventurous, spirited mother.
Turns out, one lesson applies to living through illness, keeping the show on the road, letting go of the person you love most, and eating fire:

The trick is there is no trick.
You eat fire by eating fire.

For three years Tessa Fontaine lived in a constant state of emergency as her mother battled stroke after stroke. But hospitals, wheelchairs, and loss of language couldn’t hold back such a woman; she and her husband would see Italy together, come what may. Thus Fontaine became free to follow her own piper, a literal giant inviting her to “come play” in the World of Wonders, America’s last traveling sideshow. How could she resist?

This event is made possible with support from Helicon West, the Logan Library, and Utah Humanities.