Raymond King Shurtz - Salt Lake City

Oct 4, 2020, 7:00 pm

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Raymond King Shurtz

Book Title

Seven Plays of the American West


Salt Lake City

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202 W 300 N
Salt Lake City , UT 84103-1108
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Cliff Notes Writing Conference presents Raymond King Shurtz, author of Seven Plays of the American West.

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Raymond is a poet (also a singer-songwriter, but then, those labels co-exist comfortably). More aptly, he is a poet with a past, some of it scary-dark. His plays are brooding, melancholy, dangerous. They are crammed with raw emotions that spill out of the language into the audiences’ laps, where they explode.

If this makes him sound a bit terrifying, it doesn’t take into account that few people in Phoenix have bigger hearts or more compassionate natures. He loves people, he thrives on bringing out creativity in others. In addition to founding theater companies (Cheap Theatrix, which came after Playwright’s, for one), writing plays, composing music and songs, he is a mentor to young people, teaching for several years at Metro Arts Institute in Phoenix and founding a company there.

This event is made possible with support from Boulder Arts Council and Utah Humanities.