Tiffany D. Jackson - Salt Lake City

Oct 3, 2022, 7:00 pm


Tiffany D. Jackson

Book Title

Monday's Not Coming


Salt Lake City

Wasatch Front Region


Salt Lake City Public Library, Glendale Branch
1375 S Concord St
Salt Lake City , UT 84104-2925
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Reading Dangerously invites educational professionals, parents, and the community at large to discuss challenged books and their impact on society. Conversations are informational and participants are encouraged but not expected to have read the book or be up to date on the conversations beforehand. Moderators and panelists opinions and statements are their own and do not represent the views and values of the sponsoring organizations.

Community Conversation on Monday's Not Coming

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The conversation will include a background presentation led by Dr. Crystal Rudds. The background presentation will provide background for Utah's sex education laws and context for the censorship of the following books by perspectives across the political spectrum:

1) Push by Sapphire

Dissent: Sex, Race and Precious:

2) The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

The Washington Post on Toni Morrison:

3) Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Not banned in Utah


4) Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson


Next, Dr. Rudds will provide context for key terms in this conversation: “banned,” “challenged,” sex (act), sexual abuse, sex education, obscene, pornography, grooming, and critical race theory.

Lastly, Dr. Rudds will pose opening discussion questions to our panelists: director of community engagement of the Rape Recovery Center Stephany Murguia and school psychologist Laurel Woods.

Some questions include: What age group would you consider to be appropriate for these books? Why? How does your expertise as a pornography scholar, a school psychologist, a social worker, or professor of literature shape your interaction with the book? Many of the books banned for sexual violence have been written by Black women. Is this relevant to the conversation? If so, how? Compare the sexual violence in these books to works of classic literature including the Holy Bible, Greek mythology, and Shakespeare.

The conversation will then transition to a Q&A conversation with the public.

- ASL interpretation provided if requested. Email to make the request.
- No livestream will be made available
- Parking: TRAX stop right in front of the library. Parking lot with disabled spots available.
- On-site sensory kit available.
- Request any additional questions or accommodations here:

This event is made possible with support from the Tanner Humanities Center at the University of Utah, The Rape Recovery Center, Pen America - Utah Chapter, and Utah Humanities.