Kyle Lukoff; Sherry North; Jessica Love; Keith Negley - Ogden

Oct 11, 2022, 7:00 pm


Kyle Lukoff; Sherry North; Jessica Love; Keith Negley

Book Title

Call Me Max; Because I'm Your Daddy; Julian is a Mermaid; Mary Wears What She Wants



North Region


Weber County Library, Pleasant Valley Branch
5568 Adams Avenue Pkwy
Ogden , UT 84405-6936
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Reading Dangerously invites educational professionals, parents, and the community at large to discuss challenged books and their impact on society. Conversations are informational and participants are encouraged but not expected to have read the book or be up to date on the conversations beforehand. Moderators and panelists opinions and statements are their own and do not represent the views and values of the sponsoring organizations.

Community Conversation on Gender in Children’s Literature

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The conversation will include a background presentation led by Laurel Woods. The background presentation will provide background for Utah's sex education laws and context for the censorship of the following books by perspectives across the political spectrum:

National Context:

KX News: “Grooming”: The Ubiquitous Buzzword in the LGBTQ+ school debate:

Local Context

Call Me Max

Newsweek Source:

Kirkus Reviews: The Author’s Response:

Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love

The Guardian:

Because I Am Your Daddy by Sherry North

Not banned anywhere


4) Mary Wears What She Wants by Keith Negley

Not banned anywhere

Harper Collins:

Next, our moderator will provide context for key terms in this conversation: “banned,” “challenged,” sex (“biological”), gender, transgender, cisgender, nonbinary, gender identity, gender expression, sex education, obscene, pornography, grooming.

Lastly, our moderator will pose opening discussion questions to our panelists: Jill Rowe from Mama Dragons, therapist Jack D. Haden from Encircle, parent of a trans person Nan Seymour, literary scholar Dr. Lauren Liang.

Some questions include: Do you consider these books age-appropriate for elementary school students? How do books like Julian is a Mermaid differ from Mary Wears What She Wants? Why do you believe one of these books has been targeted and the other has not? What do you understand to be a healthy gender development for elementary school students and why? Who gets to determine what a healthy gender development means for elementary school students and why?

The conversation will then transition to a Q&A conversation with the public.

- ASL interpretation provided if requested. Email to make the request.
- On-site sensory kit available.
- Request any additional questions or accommodations here:

This event is made possible with support from the Tanner Humanities Center, Utah Humanities, and Pen America - Utah Chapter.