Oct 10, 2015, 10:00 am


West Jordan

Wasatch Front Region


Viridian Event Center
8030 S 1825 W
West Jordan , UT 84088-5625
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Utah Humanities is pleased to present a panel on gender in young adult literature featuring Shannon Hale, Matthew Kirby, Valynne Maetani, and moderated by Ann Cannon. This event is part of our celebration of children's and young adult literature at the Viridian Event Center.

Why are some books considered "boys books" while others are marketed specifically to girls? How does the gender of a protagonist, and even the book's author, effect the way it is both marketed and received? And why are so-called "boys books" more likely to be used in classrooms and similar settings? “My books are gendered as being for girls,” says Shannon Hale. “This is what happens to female writers [of books] with girls on the cover, especially princesses. It’s so normal for me...I’ve done perhaps 200 assemblies. The boys ALWAYS listen to me. It’s the administration beforehand that assumes that they won’t.”

Join us as we talk about these issues and much more with four acclaimed Utah authors.

This event is made possible with suport from Utah Humanities and the Viridian Event Center.