Stefanie Russell Visits Ken Sanders Rare Books

Sep 25, 2015, 7:00 pm

Otis Nebula Press and Ken Sanders Rare Books are pleased to present poet and journalist Stefene Russell. Otis Nebula is publishing Russell's new collection of poems, The Possum Codex in the fall of 2015.

The Possum Codex is the second installment in a Dante-inspired trilogy, following Russell's 2013 chapbook Inferna. “Russell’s language soars and dives, and the rising and falling of so much sheer music is exhilarating,” poet David Clewell wrote of that collection. “Her seemingly effortless lines are measured human breaths. They’re smart and they’re felt. Her images are well-honed blades or luxurious blankets; they startle or they comfort—depending.” Structured in four parts, The Possum Codex is a sort of seasonal long-poem as well as hallucinatory pilgrim’s progress undertaken in the Rust Belt landscape of the Middle West, through haunted blue-collar bars and magic circles drawn in overgrown city backyards, with the speaker of the poem bereft of a guide, left only to follow intuition and nature itself, including the sometimes-supernatural animal of the title.

Stefene Russell is a St. Louis-based poet, actor, and arts journalist. She is also a member of Poetry Scores ( a collective dedicated to translating poetry into other mediums, including visual art, film, and music. Her books include the poem/essay/CD art book Go South for Animal Index (Poetry Scores, 2007) and a chapbook, Inferna(Intagliata Press, 2013). Find her online at,,,

This event is made possible with support from Utah Humanities, Ken Sanders Rare Books, and Otis Nebula.

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