An evening with Sadie Hoagland and Siân Griffiths

Sep 28, 2020, 7:00 pm

The Printed Garden is excited to host fiction reading with the deft and delightful Sadie Hoagland and Siân Griffiths.

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Sadie Hoagland is author of "American Grief in Four Stages," a collection of stories that imagines trauma as a space in which language fails us and narrative escapes us. These stories play with form and explore the impossibility of elegy and the inability of our culture to communicate grief, or sympathy, outside of cliché. As a whole, this collection asks the reader to envisage the ways in which we suffer as both unbearably painful and unbearably American.

In ten short stories brimming with captivating imagery, Siân Griffiths, author of The Heart Keeps Faulty Time, spins the familiar on its heels. Clown parents parse their disappointment in their non-clown son and their fears for his future in a nuclear-armed world. A clockwork girl discovers a discarded and disemboweled female body. Aliens, mermaids, and dragons call to us. Unorthodox and lyric, witty and heart-felt, The Heart Keeps Faulty Time bears witness to the struggle to reconcile our visions of ourselves with the reality of our circumstances.

This event is made possible with support from Utah Humanities and The Printed Garden.

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