Rebeldita, the Fearless

Oct 19, 2021, 7:00 pm

The Treehouse Museum presents Dr. Oriel Maria Siu, author of Rebeldita, the Fearless.

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Rebeldita is a child born out of long-enduring Indigenous and Black resistances in the Americas. She knows her history and uses it to change her present in Ogreland, where Ogres steal children's parents away at night, put them in cages and send them far, far away. Through joy, intelligence, and love for her community, however, being the empowered, justice-seeker, border-smasher girl that she is, Rebeldita fights back, and with the other children, collectively, they think and act. Because ultimately, all children must realize they outnumber the Ogres. Written in fun masterful rhyming language, Rebeldita educates, motivates, and empowers both children and adults.

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347 22nd St
Ogden , UT 84401-1415
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Willy Palomo