Nine Mile Canyon Stewardship Day

Sep 19, 2015, 10:00 am

Come tour Nine Mile Canyon, stopping at designated sites for archaeological information and interpretation of this amazing canyon. Site hosts will be at each stop to answer your questions about its ancient and modern history, the geology, and the plants and animals that call this canyon home. Located just outside of Price, Utah, Nine Mile Canyon was home to the Fremont Indians who left images and artifacts that we now see and wonder about. In addition to ancient Fremont artifacts, the Canyon contains numerous examples of more recent activities of the Ute Indians, Anglo-explorers, and modern farmers and ranchers. It is an area rich in both ancient and recent history. This project is part of a UH Quick Grant.

Nine Mile Canyon

9 Mile Canyon
Wellington , UT 84542-9998
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Event Contact:

Margie Nash
(801) 258-1558