Dreamers Movement Workshop with Juan Carlos Claudio

Apr 1–Jul 1, 2016, 7:00 pm

A performance resulting from a a two-week movement workshop is designed to focus on the process of articulating identity through movement. In utilizing processes that focus on self-reflection and self-exploration, the project is designed to encourage careful consideration of assumptions, beliefs, and biases that are embedded in every individual's cultural subconscious. Art Access will create a safe space in which immigrants can design, compose, and share their stories and self-identity, also focusing on the universal human longing for home and what it means to feel at home. This will expand on what it means to be an American with the understanding that when we know the stories of others, we are seeing them as they wish to be seen.

The Dreamers Project is funded in part by a UH Competitive Grant.

Sorenson Unity Center

1383 S 900 W
Salt Lake City , UT 84104-1603
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Event Contact:

Elise Butterfield
(801) 328-0703