Books and Bridges: The Sanctity of Complexity

Mar 5, 2020, 6:30 pm

Steven Peck, Professor of Evolutionary Biology at Brigham Young University, will explore the beauty and complexity of the evolutionary process. He will show how life is a relationship among various kinds of agents interacting at different scales in ways that are multifarious, complex, and emergent. Life, therefore, is always part of an ecological embedding in communities of interaction, which in turn structure and influence how life evolves. Dr. Peck will discuss three areas that have once again become relevant in the effort to unite evolutionary genetics, biological development, and ecological context: (1) the purposeful nature of individual organisms and their parts; (2) the integrative, holistic, non-linear emergent dynamics seen in evolutionary processes; and (3) how genuine novelty emerges into the universe. Peck will then examine evolutionary questions with theological light and weigh whether the two approaches are compatible.

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Nathan Nielson