Virtual Community Conversations: "UFOs and Extra-terrestrial Intelligent Life: Do We Believe?"

Mar 30, 2022, 6:30 pm

UFOs and Extra-terrestrial Intelligent Life: Do We Believe?
Wednesday, March 30 at 6:30pm
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No sign-up is required, but we do ask that you join the call at the beginning – latecomers can be disruptive.

We will remove attendees that do not participate on the call as well as media accounts that do not identify themselves.

Dr. David Derezotes

Guest Contributors:
Dan Wik, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy at the University of Utah
Ron James, Media Relations Director, Mutual UFO Network

2022 Virtual Community Conversations with Dr. Dave: The Humanities in Our News

The humanities help us understand ourselves and other people, fosters social justice and inclusivity, and give us tools for community healing and global transformation. This next year, we will examine each month a different issue in the news, for the purpose of understanding what local and global events tell us about ourselves and developing new ways of thinking about and responding to our local and global worlds. Our topics may range from gun violence and mask mandates to UFO sightings and astrological predictions. Each meeting we will first hear an expert’s opinions and then open the conversation to all participants for civil dialogue about the topic.

Info on Community Conversations:
The first 30 minutes will be spent with a trained facilitator asking topical questions and allowing a guest "expert" to share their views. Afterward will be a 60-minute guided dialogue with all participants getting the chance to offer opinions or ask questions.

We emphasize that these conversations are not debates, town halls, lectures, or presentations - rather, it is a dialogue in which everyone who attends has an equal voice. At the beginning of each conversation we ask everyone to agree to follow certain conversation agreements allowing for a respectful and confidential experience.

These conversations are not recorded to ensure a brave space while respecting participants' confidentiality.

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David S. Derezotes