General Competitive Grant

Competitive Grants provide financial support for projects designed to increase public understanding and appreciation of the humanities, and are awarded on a competitive basis. Each application is judged according to its individual merit, humanities content, scholar involvement, and the public program(s). A public program tailored for and delivered to a general public audience is required. The public should be invited to discuss or otherwise engage with the humanities topics and themes raised as part of the project.

Eligibility and Guidelines

Funding Amount

General Competitive Grants May Not Be Used For:

How to Apply


Program Start Date: Proposed project/activities must begin on or after May 1

Required Draft Application Deadlines

Final Application Deadlines

Notification Dates

Reviewed By

February 1

March 1

May 1

UHC Board of Directors

Award Recipients

Funded Grants: Grant Award Package

When a grant is awarded, UHC will email the Project Director their award letter, council logo, and sign along with the following attachments: