We’re Saying Good-Bye to Public Square

Because of a shift in programming focus at UHC, we will be ending the Public Square program effective July 15th. We will honor all programs booked before that date. Thanks to all who have participated in Public Square, as speakers or program hosts, for your long association with UHC! You have brought great joy and learning to the people of Utah.

Our new programming will focus on “empowering people and community groups to improve their communities through active engagement in the humanities.” A “community” might be a place (town, neighborhood) but also a group of people with similar interests, backgrounds, or goals. Rather than providing talks and lectures, this new programming will engage people more actively, with a more clearly defined benefit, chosen by the community. Please know that even in this new era, we will be focused on public discussions in the humanities, which always go to “the heart of the matter,” as this recent video from the Academy of Arts and Sciences beautifully explains: www.humanitiescommission.org

Major funding for UHC's Public Square is provided

George Eccles Foundation

State of Utah



We the People