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Tune in each week for a two-minute look at some of the most pivotal — and peculiar — events in Utah history! With all of the history and none of the dust, the Beehive Archive is a fun way to catch up on Utah’s past. For a complete list of episodes, click the "View All Stories" button below, then browse or search.

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Utah’s Expensive Flooding Quick-Fix: The 1987 Bangerter Pumps

Out in Utah’s West Desert is a massive $60 million infrastructure project that hasn’t been used in over thirty years. Can you guess what it is and…see more

“You Protect the Water:” Uranium Mining & Utah’s Native Peoples

The uranium mining and milling industry in Utah has had a devastating effect on water that disproportionately affected the health and safety of Native…see more

Water is for Fighting: The Goshen - Mona Water Dispute

Mark Twain famously joked that “Whiskey is for drinking, but water is for fighting over.” Find out how the struggle for water between two Utah…see more