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Tune in each week for a two-minute look at some of the most pivotal — and peculiar — events in Utah history! With all of the history and none of the dust, the Beehive Archive is a fun way to catch up on Utah’s past. For a complete list of episodes, click the "View All Stories" button below, then browse or search.

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West Desert Wasteland: Pollution and Sovereignty in Rural Utah

Just around 45 miles west of Salt Lake City is a vast landscape shrouded in mystery and controversy. It’s also a holding place for some of the US…see more

Utah’s Potato Growing Clubs

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Potato growing clubs became all the rage in the early 20th century as interest in a formal agricultural education grew. Agricultural work is critical…see more

The Militarized West

World War II and the Cold War brought the military to much of rural Utah, transforming those places in the process. The economic boost that followed…see more