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Members serve three-year terms, renewable once. If you know someone who would make an energetic and qualified board member, please send your nomination to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Board of Directors is a volunteer decision-making body that is legally responsible for our operations and finances. When selecting new members, the Board seeks broad representation, including institutions of higher learning, humanities disciplines, geographic location, community involvement, profession, gender, ethnicity, culture, and perspective.

Basic Expectations of Every Utah Humanities Board Member

Every Utah Humanities Board Member is expected to:

  • agree to make Utah Humanities a priority for his or her time, energy, and philanthropic efforts
  • determine and evaluate Utah Humanities policies and procedures, and engage in long-range planning
  • prepare for, attend, and participate actively in four meetings each year and occasional committee meetings
  • serve actively on at least one committee
  • review competitive grant proposals, determine funding levels, evaluate funded projects  make an annual financial contribution to support Utah Humanities operations and programs
  • assist in identifying and procuring financial support for Utah Humanities from individual, corporate, and foundation sources
  • serve as an advocate for the Utah Humanities and public humanities programs at every opportunity

In addition to the above the Board expects each member to fulfill at least one of the following specialized roles or skills:

  •  serve as a state legislative or national congressional liaison
  •  provide expertise in such areas as law, accounting, business, and public relations
  •  serve as a liaison with underserved groups
  •  support program development (to encourage public humanities program grant applications and to develop the UH program).

Open Meetings Provision: Meetings of the Utah Humanities board of directors are open to the public. 

Current Board of Directors

Kathleen Broeder, St George

Simón Cantarero, Past-Chair, Draper

Joni Crane, Vernal

Gordon Daines, Provo

Danielle Dubrasky, Chair, Cedar City

Don Gomes, Torrey

Daysi Hernandez, Salt Lake City

Isaiah Jones, Smithfield

Matthew Lawyer, Park City

Kathryn MacKay, Ogden

Dean McGovern, Salt Lake City

Don Montoya, Castle Valley

Darren Parry, Brigham City

Emery Polelonema, Richfield

Barry Scholl, Torrey / Salt Lake City

Nancy Takacs, Wellington

Paul Winward, Vice-Chair, Orem

Ze Min Xiao, Salt Lake City 

Board Alumni

Jack Adamson (1974-1975) Salt Lake City *

Douglas Alder (1981-1987) St. George +
Thomas Alexander (1996-2002) Provo +
Ron Allen (2005-2011) Tooele
Sheryl Allen (2001-2005 ) Bountiful
David Allred (2013-2019) Ephraim +
Dorothy Anderson (2000-2003) Salt Lake City
Geneal Anderson (1983-1984) Cedar City *
Robert “Archie” Archuleta (2012-2-18) Glendale *

Bette Arial (1987-1993) St. George
Leonard Arrington (1974-1979) Salt Lake City *
Anna Jane Arroyo (2008-2009) Sunset
Lee Austin (2005-2011) Providence
Stephen Baar (1984-1990) Salt Lake City
Philip Barlow (2012-2015) Logan
Andree Barnett (1978-1982) Salt Lake City *

Jane Beckwith (1982-1987) Delta
K.C. Benedict (1987-1993) Blanding
Jan Bennett (2006-2012) Salt Lake City +
Celia Barnes Benson (2002-2006) Ephraim
Michael Benson (2010-2012) Cedar City
Nancy Bentley (2012-2017) Price
Judith Billings (2008-2014) Park City
Phillip Kent Bimstein (1998-2004) Springdale +
Afton Bradshaw (1996-2002) Salt Lake City *
Rodney Brady (1979-1982) Salt Lake City
Todd Britsch (1981-1987) Provo
Wally Brooke (1986-1988) Salt Lake City *
Janice Brooks (2016-2022) Ivins

Allen Brown (2002-2008) Salt Lake City
Neola Brown (1990-1996) Beaver *
Carol Browning (1985-1991) Ogden +
Val D. Browning (1974-1974) Morgan *
LaMar Buckner (1974-1976) Ogden*
Judy Shell Busk (1999-2005) Richfield
Tim Bywater (2004-2010) St. George +
Tina Calamity (2015-2018) Cedar City

Gordon Campbell (1986-1992) Salt Lake City
Holly Campbell (1999-2005) Salt Lake City
LaVon Brown Carroll (1974-1978) Ogden
Shirley Cazier (1982-1987) Logan *
Janice Clemmer (1985-1991) Salt Lake City
Ronald Coleman (1982-1988) Salt Lake City
Albert J. Colton (1980-1986) Salt Lake City *
Ami Comeford (2012-2017) St. George +
Kay Kellam Cook (1993-1999) Cedar City
G. David Cornell (1981-1982) Salt Lake City
Joni Crane (2014) Vernal
Forrest Crawford (2003-2009) Rose Park

Stuart G. Cross (1982-1984) Salt Lake City
Ken Crossley (2017-2020) Provo
Forrest Cuch (1975-1976) Roosevelt
Mariah Cuch (2009-2015) Fort Duchesne
Patricia (Trix) Dahl (1992-1995) Salt Lake City
Robert O. Dalton (1980-1986) St. George *
Reverend France Davis (1994-2000) Salt Lake City +
Gary Daynes (2007-2013) Pleasant Grove +
Steve Decker (2008-2009) Parowan
David Dee (1997-2003) Salt Lake City
David A. Dolowitz (1988-1994) Toquerville *
Matt Dugdale (2015-2018) Fruit Heights
Lowell Durham Jr. (1980-1984) Salt Lake City *

S. George Ellsworth (1974-1980) Logan *+
Elaine Englehardt (1990-1997) Provo +
Edwin Espinel (2012-2015) West Valley City
Fred Esplin (1990-1996) Salt Lake City +

Beverly A. Evans (1996-2000) Altamont
Louise Excell (1993-1999) Springdale
Irene Fisher (2009-2016) Holladay +*
Lisa Flores (2005-2007) Salt Lake City
Leslie Francis (2007-2013) Salt Lake City
Owen Fuller (2015-2017) Murray
John Gallivan (1974-1975) Salt Lake City *
Ignacio Garcia (2005-2006) Provo
David Gardner (1974-1975) Park City
Don Gartman (2006-2012) Salt Lake City
David Gee (2010-2016) Salt Lake City
Christopher González (2019-2022) Logan
Melody Graulich (2000-2003) Mt. Sterling
Deb Greathouse (2005-2011) Delta
Emma Gross (2005-2006) Salt Lake City
Nan Anderson Groves (2014-2017) Torrey
‘Inoke Hafoka (2019-2022) Salt Lake City
Elizabeth Haglund (1980-1986) Salt Lake City *
George Handley (2013-2017) Provo
Darnell Haney (1979-1981) Ogden
Dianne Harris (2016-2017) Salt Lake City
Robert Harris (2001-2007) Ogden
Julie Hartley (2017-2023) Grantsville

Miki Hesleph (2009-2012) South Jordan
Gael Hill (2016) Escalante
Alberta Mae Hill Henry (1974-1978) West Valley City *

J. Marvin Higbee (1977-1983) Orem
Phyllis Hockett (2017-2023) Salt Lake City +

Kitty Hollow (1983-1985) Roosevelt
Joe Horton (2011-2014) Holladay
Susan E. Howe (2005-2009) Ephraim
Demont H. Howell (1983-1989) Ephraim *
Kathy Hurst (2010-2016) Blanding +
Alex P. Hurtado (1975-1977) Ogden *
Graciela Italiano-Thomas (1998-2000) Ogden
Jay Jacobson (1996-2002) Salt Lake City
Carleen Jimenez (1993-1999) Salt Lake City +
Lee Johnson (1976-1982) Price
Grace Sawyer Jones (2000-2003) Price
Bob King (2012-2017) Salt Lake City
Christy Thompson King (1999-2005) Mt. Pleasant
David Keller (2006-2009) Salt Lake City * 
Nancy Knight (1999-2005) Salt Lake City
Peter Kraus (2012-2014) Salt Lake City *
Lee Kreutzer (1998-2004) Torrey

Gary Lambert (1992-1995) Provo *
Mary Kay Office Lazarus (1981-1987) Salt Lake City +
Anne O. Leavitt (1974-1980) Cedar City + 
Rex E. Lee (1977-1980) Provo *
Hank Louis (1996-2003) Park City +
Nancy Lyon (1991-1997) Bountiful
Brigham D. Madsen (1974-1976) Salt Lake City +*
Donna Land Maldonado (1997-2003) Salt Lake City
Melissa Marsted (2017-2020) Park City
Sumiko Martinez (2015-2021) West Valley City

Norma Matheson (2002-2007) Salt Lake City
Kazuo Matsubayashi (1998-2004) Salt Lake City
Aida Mattingley (2002-2008) West Valley City +
Edward Mayer (1985-1991) Bountiful
Sterling McMurrin (1977-1983) Salt Lake City *
Dixon Merrill (1999-2002) Salt Lake City *
Pamela Miller (1986-1992) Price
Joanne Milner (2006-2012) Salt Lake City
Madonne Miner (2012-2015) Ogden +
Jeanette Misaka (1980-1984) Salt Lake City

Satyam Moorty (2003-2009) Cedar City
Karen Morgan (2013-2014) Cottonwood Heights
Frank Edward Moss (1990-1991) Salt Lake City *
Charles J. Nabors (1978-1980) Salt Lake City *
Claudia Nakano (2014-2016) Salt Lake City
June Nebeker (2003-2005) Salt Lake City
Joyce Nelson (1983-1989) Provo *
Linda King Newell (1985-1990) Salt Lake City
Jack Newell (2006-2012) Salt Lake City
Phil Notarianni (1997-2003) Magna
Carol O' Connor (1993-2000) Logan
John P. O'Keefe (1974-1980) Salt Lake City *
Dallin Oaks (1974-1977) Salt Lake City
Linda Oda (1992-1998) Layton
Steve Olsen (2007-2012) Heber City
Mike Orenduff (1983-1985) Ogden
Amy Owen (1985-1991) Salt Lake City +
Helen Zeese Papanikolas (1974-1979) Salt Lake City*
Jim Pappas (1979-1985) Salt Lake City +
Sam Passey (2011-2014) Vernal
Carol Lynn Pearson (1974-1974) Salt Lake City
Grethe Peterson (1978-1984) Salt Lake City +
F. Ross Peterson (1987-1993) Logan +
Steve Peterson (1997-2003) Ephraim
Clara Price (1979-1985) Vernal
Sonya S. Redd (1979-1982) La Sal
Hardy Redd (1974-1979) La Sal
Orlando A. Rivera (1974-1978) Salt Lake City *
Allen D. Roberts (1985-1991) Salt Lake City
Kent E. Robson (1975-1981) Logan
Monica Rodriguez (2016-2018) Ogden

Joseph Rosenblatt (1974-1976) Salt Lake City *
Aden Ross (1999-2005) Salt Lake City
Arleen Ruggeri (1983-1987) Moab*
Wilfred Samuels (1988-1994) Salt Lake City
Santiago Sandoval (2007-2008) Washington Terrace
Thomas E. Sawyer (1974-1979) Orem
Jim Sayers (1993-1999) Bluff
Robert Sears (1992-1993) St. George *
Neila Seshachari (1986-1992) Ogden *
Manford A. Shaw (1974-1978) Salt Lake City *
Jana Rae Shaw (2014-2016) North Ogden
Constantine J Skedros (1988-1994) Salt Lake City *

William B. Smart (1974-1980) Salt Lake City
Gibbs Smith (1987-1993) Kaysville *
Melvin T. Smith (1977-1985) Salt Lake City
Robin Smith (2010-2011) Salt Lake City
Diana Major Spencer (1987-1993) Mayfield
Robert Staab (1990-1996) Salt Lake City
Corinne Sweet (1982-1985) Salt Lake City *
Stephen D. Swindle (1986-1989) Salt Lake City
Nancy J. Taniguchi (1984-1989) Price
Emma Lou Thayne (1979-1982) Salt Lake City
Gregory Thompson (1999-2005) Salt Lake City +
Jackie Thompson (2013-2016) Layton
Patty Timbimboo-Madsen (2007-2008) Plymouth
Gary L. Tom (1980-1983) Cedar City
Lora Tom (2005-2007) Cedar City
Sylvia Torti (2012-2014) Salt Lake City
‘Ilaheva Tua’one (2019-2020) Salt Lake City

Richard O. Ulibarri (1978-1984) Ogden
Shigeki Ushio (1978-1980) Salt Lake City *
Andrew A. Valdez (1992-1995) Salt Lake City
Wangari Wa Nyatetu-Waigwa (1993-1999) Ogden
Fatima Vera (2010-2016) Provo
Erica Walz (2020-2023) Escalante

Gordon L. Weggeland (1977-1982) Salt Lake City *
Jon Weisberg (2003-2009) Park City+*
Debbie Westfall (2004-2010) Bluff
Randy Williams (2017-2023) North Logan +
Terry Tempest Williams (2000-2003) Castle Valley
Stephen G. Wood (1980-1981) Provo
Eugene Woolf (1974-1980) Cedar City *
Ronee Wopsock Pawwinnee (2020-2023) Fort Duchesne

Jeff Wright (1999-2002) Salt Lake City
Kirk Wright (1988-1994) Nephi
Earl Wunderli (2008-2014) Cottonwood Heights
Henry Wurts (2012-2019) +
Bob Young (1983-1988) Cedar City +


* deceased
+ past board chairs

Note: locations listed are places of residence during member's term of service