Community Conversations


The Community Conversations program was created with the belief that facilitated conversation engages a community better than rhetoric and argument.

The Utah Conversations experience has deepened my capacity to engage in dialogue with a diverse group of strangers who are now friends. I savor the discussions which have always been engaging, but sometimes difficult. The experience helps me foster nuanced habits and skills of authentic conversation – listening first, allowing myself to be vulnerable with the group, letting go of my need to be right and balancing my urge to speak with a need to allow others to express themselves.” - Lynn Curtis, Utah Conversations Participant

Utah Humanities' Virtual Community Conversations

Virtual Community Conversations are not lectures, panels, town halls, or presentations – these are actual conversations which require active participation from everyone on the call. You don’t need any expertise to participate!

You should attend as an individual rather than expecting to represent an organization or speak on behalf of a group of people. This is a space to make mistakes, to listen more than you speak, and to learn that understanding our differences is the most productive way to move forward.

We do not record the calls or share any names or personal details from the call afterward – this is to honor the privacy and confidentiality of participants, as well as encourage both a safe and brave space for people to share and learn. 

Community Conversations Toolklits

Utah Humanities provides not-for-profit organizations with materials and resources to help host successful community conversations. Sponsoring organizations may apply for stipends of up to $200 to be used in conjunction with a UH Community Conversations Toolkit. We are actively looking to fund projects involving ethnic minorities, those from different political viewpoints, and rural communities.

Stipends are paid only to not-for profit organizations in Utah that:

• have applied at least 30 days prior to the discussion
• have been approved in writing by Utah Humanities
• have gathered at least six participants
• are able to provide a 1:1 match of cash or in-kind donations to the stipend
• submitted a final evaluation

Toolkits available now (more available in fall 2019):

Race and Diversity
Bridging Religious Divides

To schedule a Community Conversation toolkit event, please submit a completed Community Conversations Toolkit Request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have a suggestion for a future conversation toolkit? Let us know what topics you’d like to see by responding to this survey.

Community Conversations Event Support

For organizations or communities already providing conversation events, you can apply to have Utah Humanities partner with you to help with funding and limited staff support. To request this support, submit a Community Conversations Partner Request form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Community Conversations Series

We can also assist with longer-term Conversation Series for groups interested in having recurring conversations, especially in rural communities. If interested, please contact Caitlin McDonald at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Community Conversations has recieved generous support from Zions Bank for continuing conversations on deeply relevant social topics.

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