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Tips for Success:
Building an Argument
Logical Fallacies for Critical Writing and Thinking
Effective Reading Habits From Harvard University
MLA Citation Citation Guide: Learn How To Cite Sources 

Continuing Your Education:
Peterson's College Search: Finding a College for You
Princeton Review: Tips on Selecting the Right College
Colleges and Universities: Listing by State

Requesting transcripts:
From Westminster College: For Venture Students in Salt Lake City
From Weber State University: For Venture students in Ogden
From Southern Utah University: For Venture Students in Cedar City

Faculty and Director Resources

Curriculum Development:
Public Speaking Assignment for Final Presentation (PDF)
Public Speaking Discussion for Faculty (PDF)

Directors’ Reports:
Director Report (PDF) - New Bedford, MA

Ensuring Student Success:
Goals & Needs Questionnaire (PDF)
Student Contract (PDF) - New Beford, MA
Student Agreement (PDF) - Port Hadlock, WA

Fundsnet Services
Foundation Center

Student Assessment and Evaluation:
Student Knowledge & Skills Survey (PDF)
Pre/Post Assessment (PDF) - Bard College
Program Evaluation (PDF) - Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
Program Evaluation (PDF) - Odyssey Project

Clemente and Clemente-inspired courses:
From Australia
The Ballarat Clemente Program: A Doorway to the Treasures of Humanities Education (2010)
Promoting Social Inclusion: Emerging Evidence from the Catalyst-Clemente Program (2010)
The Impact of Tertiary-Level Humanities Education for Homeless and Marginalised People (2006)
Social Inclusion Through Community Embedded, Socially Supported University Education (2012)

From Canada
The Clemente Program and Calgary Alberta's Storefront 101: Intuitive Connections To The Traditions and Practices of Adult Education (2005)

From the United States
Neither Necessary nor Sufficient: Community Education and the Fight Against Poverty (2009)
Teaching Humanities in the Community: What Students Learned (2007)
MassHumanities Longitudinal Study (2006-11)
Teaching Democracy: Reflections on the Clemente Course in the Humanities, Higher Education, and Democracy (2002)
The Use of Socrates: Earl Shorris and the Quest for Political Emancipation Through the Humanities(2006)
Midwifing Democracy: Reflections on the Democratic Promise of Socratic Maieusis (2008)

Supporting research:
From Great Britain
Missed opportunities: The Case For Investment in Learning and Skills For Homeless People (2006)

Other Programs of Interest

Civic Knowledge Project. The mission of the Civic Knowledge Project is to develop and strengthen community connections, helping to overcome the social, economic, and racial divisions among the various knowledge communities on the South Side of Chicago. We believe that the free and reciprocal flow of knowledge is empowering. Working with our many local collaborators, we (1) Provide educational and humanities programming linking the University of Chicago to other knowledge communities surrounding it; (2) Develop institutional policy for the exchange of knowledge among different local knowledge communities; and (3) Serve as an educational and organizational resource for our community.

Poverty, Promise and Possibility. Initially launched as a new program for the 2010-11 academic year, Poverty, Promise, and Possibility promises to become an ongoing cooperative effort by the Civic Knowledge Project and its partners. The aim will be to build on the progress made in this first phase of the program by continuing to bring together University and community expertise in addressing the most pressing social problems confronting us here on the South Side of Chicago. Working with the Office of Civic Engagement, the School of Social Service Administration, the Urban Education Institute, the Graham School of General Studies, and a wide range of community partners, we promise to produce accessible, first-rate and useable knowledge and educational materials that will measurably improve the quality of life for our communities for generations to come and underscore the vital role of the humanities in making life worth living.

Poverty, Promise and Possibility Blog. The Clemente Course in the Humanities®/Odyssey Project is a crucial partner in the Poverty, Promise, and Possibility initiative. The public discussion by Earl Shorris on Poverty and the Humanities, and the continuing education course with that title by Bart Schultz, have generated an intense interest in this model for deploying the humanities in antipoverty efforts. Moreover, working in collaboration with Dovetta McKee and the University’s College Prep program, Shorris, Schultz and representatives from the Illinois Humanities Council, AKArama sorority, and Office of Civic Engagment are actively pursing a plan to adapt the Clemente Course model for disadvantaged local high schools on Chicago’s South Side.

Words Without Borders. Translates, publishes, and promotes the finest contemporary international literature. Our publications and programs open doors for readers of English around the world to the multiplicity of viewpoints, richness of experience, and literary perspective on world events offered by writers in other languages. We seek to connect international writers to the general public, to students and educators, and to print and other media and to serve as a primary online location for a global literary conversation.

Resources Related to Earl Shorris

A Video About Earl Shorris and the Clemente Course
The Art of Freedom: Teaching the Humanities to the Poor
Riches for the Poor: The Clemente Course in the Humanities
New American Blues: A Journey Through Poverty to Democracy