The Humanities

What Are The Humanities and Why Are They Relevant?

We believe that communities can be strengthened and improved through the humanities!

The humanities focus on how people experience and document their world, and they help us to understand the meaning of all human expression such as literature, history, art, and thought. As the study of human experience, the humanities can connect us to ourselves and each other in deeply meaningful ways. In fact, if you are human, you already "do" the humanities. Everything you read, think, create, and do adds to the human experience and can be looked at for interpretation and understanding.

To adapt to a changing world, we need new software for our computers and cell phones; but we also need new ideas—and new understanding of old ideas. While technology can make our lives easier, the humanities have the power to make our lives better.

Through technology we are now connected to the far reaches of the planet, but without the study of history, religion, languages, philosophy, and culture we will never understand those we reach. And to be truly connected, we need the inspiration and understandings of novels, plays and poems, art, drama, and music. We need the insights from history to make sense of our present, the reasoning of philosophy to think through the ethical dilemmas our huge leaps in technology are bringing about.

In addition to being improved through technology, our communities can be strengthened and advanced through the humanities. We can progress together by putting compelling ideas into action and by constantly, actively exploring what it means to be human.

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