Our Mission


 If you are human, you already "do" the humanities. Everything you read, think, create, and do adds to the human experience and can be looked at for interpretation and understanding. The insight we gain from the humanities can connect us to ourselves and each other in deeply meaningful ways.

Our Mission is to Empower Utahns to Improve Their Communities Through Active Engagement in the Humanities

How We Meet Our Mission

We believe that the humanities can affect society and improve lives. To meet our mission, we partner with individuals and groups who want to put humanities ideas into actions that have a positive impact on their communities.

The conversation this program fostered in our community was ground-breaking. To say that it opened our eyes and hearts to differing perspectives is an understatement, and many of us have been changed in important ways. I didn't realize I was "doing" the humanities by immersing myself in the history, culture, and even problems of my community, but I now see that the humanities are everywhere....simply because we are human. - Speaking Volumes |Transforming Hate exhibition visitor

To see examples of how we meet our mission, and to learn more about how you can be involved with what we do, visit the pages below:

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How We Work
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