Museum Interpretation 2023-2024 Workshop Resources

AASLH awards logoParticipants in Museum Interpretation Workshops learn how to research, design, and create interpretive exhibits and educational activities. This series of five full-day linked workshops offers staff and volunteers working in Utah’s museums hands-on learning in curatorial practice and exhibit development. Participants attend the entire series and complete a small exhibit project at their own museum. The program includes reading and project-related assignments, as well as a small stipend to support exhibit development. Agendas and presentation notes will be posted just prior to each workshop. 


Workshop Schedule
National (AAM & AASLH) Standards for Museum & Historic Interpretation 

Workshop 1 - Telling Our Stories: Introduction to Museum Interpretation

Interpretation Workshop Agenda & Presentation Notes
Interpretation Bibliography & Readings

Workshop 2 - Finding Our Stories: Researching Collections & Communities

Research Workshop Agenda & Presentation Notes
Research Bibliography & Readings

Workshop 3 - Designing Our Stories: Well-Structured Exhibits

Exhibit Design Workshop Agenda & Presentation Notes
Exhibit Design Bibliography & Readings

Workshop 4 - Writing Our Stories: Exhibit Labels

Writing Workshop Agenda & Presentation Notes
Writing & Labels Bibliography & Readings

Workshop 5 - Teaching Our Stories: Museum Education 

Museum Education Workshop Agenda & Presentation Notes
Museum Education Bibliography & Readings

Form Templates

Exhibit Planning Worksheet Template (Word Form)
Team & Timeline Management Template (Word Form)
Research Log Template (Word Form)
Object Information Worksheet Template (Word Form)
Rough Outline Template (Word Form)
Exhibit Label Tracker Template (Word Form)
Evaluation Sample - General Exit Survey (Word Form)
Evaluation Sample - Internal Exhibit Critique (Word Form)
Evaluation Sample - Audience Exhibit Survey (Word Form)
Final Project Report Form (Word Form)