Black Lantern by Chris Bodily

Oct 7, 2020, 7:00 pm

Weber Book Links is excited to host Chris Bodily, author of the graphic novel Black Lantern.

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Black Lantern is truly epic—the first book clocks in at 250 pages—and Bodily estimates that it will take him three more volumes to tell the story in its entirety. As such, Bodily has found himself taking inspiration from the heavy lines and simple designs of cartoons like The Simpsons and especially Scooby Doo, with which Black Lantern shares a sense of spooky fun. Simplifying his art style was sometimes challenging for Bodily, whose work can have an incredible level of detail and intricacy. “Making comics is a lot more difficult than just making an illustration,” he says. “Part of my big approach to drawing is improvising and letting it be what it’s gonna be. But in a comic, you have two illustrations that are right next to each other. If they’re not consistent and don’t look like each other, you notice.” Even so, Bodily’s simplified stye is far from basic—his characters are dynamic and instantly recognizable—and he allows himself to get crazy with detail on some of the book’s splash pages.

This event is made possible by the Queen Bee, Weber Book Works, Weber County Library System, and Utah Humanities.

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